California Dems Square Off

A recent article by Judy Lin in the Sacramento Bee ("State Senate race deals blow to Democratic Party, unions", May 20, 2015) tells an interesting story regarding the State Senate race. With the win of Orinda Mayor Steve Glazer, a business-backed moderate, a blow was dealt to opponent Susan Bonilla, Democrats and unions by a significant margin in a special election for the 7th Senate district.

Democrats and labor unions were upset that Glazer worked for a Chamber of Commerce-funded committee in 2012 that sought to unseat incumbent Democrats in the Legislature and replace them with Democrats considered friendlier to business interests.

"We will not back down from races like this in the future, and Democrats will go to bat for our endorsed candidates who put the needs of working and middle class families first," California Democratic Party Executive Director Shawnda Westly said in a statement after the race was called.

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