The Political Scientists is one of the oldest slate mailer firms in the nation. Our slate mailers have been a fixture in every California statewide election since 1987, and in that time we have printed and mailed over 12 million of them. All our slate mailers are full color offset printed, allowing ample space for featuring candidates and ballot measures.


A slate mailer is a comprehensive list of candidates and ballot measures recommended for election. Slate mailers provide voters with a coherent, targeted message to make the right decisions when they vote. Slate mailers allow candidates to reach out to send a direct mail message to voters at a fraction of the cost of traditional direct mail.

Candidates also love our slate mailers because the text featuring and color photo gives them an opportunity to provide voters with details about themselves. Our slate mailers provide voters with a complete ballot guide so voters have a comprehensive list to consult when they cast their ballots.

How prominently will you be featured on the slate MAILER?

To be most effective, the slate mailer should carry your message to the voter and not merely list your name in the ballot section of the mailer. Make sure the firm producing the slate mailer is able to include your photo and information about you and your campaign in their mailer.

How long has the firm producing the slate mailer been in business?

Determine that the slate mail publisher has a proven record of timely delivery and ask for references. Make sure the slate mailers are timed to have the most impact.

What theme anchors the slate mailer?

One function of a slate mailer is to associate candidates with a unifying message. Themes such as political party, support of good government, pro-education and pro-law enforcement have been shown to be some of the most effective themes for slate mailers.

What is the look and feel of the slate mailer?

Offset printed slate mailers allow for the use of photos and for better graphics and colors than laser printed slate mailers do. Pick the slate mailers that are the easiest to read and likeliest to catch your eye.

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